DUO – Turn any LCD into a touch screen

DUO - Turn any LCD into a touch screen

This is the DUO, a kit by KCI Communication that converts almost any laptop or computer LCD into a touchscreen with full tablet functionality. The device works basically like the Navisis’ laptop tablet. There is a base station to be attached to the top of the display to track the XY coordinates and position of the pen.

The DUO can be used on 17-inch or small LCD monitors. It works with Windows and automatically synchronizes with Windows Vista and Windows 7 tablet software. The DUO supports multiple languages. It costs $119.95.


  • Type, write or draw directly on documents or your desktop
  • Highlight key information using a variety of lines, shapes and colors
  • Draw or write with varied line texture and brush strokes using the pressure sensitive tip
  • Capture personal hand writing or automatically convert it to ASCII characters for clear, easy reading
  • Write on the screen and witness the advanced word recognition capabilities and smoothness of the pen
  • Use the virtual keyboard for easy touch screen typing
  • Capture and save all or part of your notes, markings and pictures in a .jpeg file leaving the original document unmarked
  • Use the ballpoint pen tip to write directly on paper and have the image appear on DUO’s NoteTaker software
  • Email meeting or lecture notes to customers, students and co-workers
  • Use on most monitors, laptops 17-inch and smaller
  • USB plug ‘n play for easy set up
  • Ink annotation compatibility in Microsoft Office programs
  • Automatically synchronizes with Windows Vista and Windows 7 tablet software, which allows for handwritten character recognition, pen flicks, snipping tool, sticky notes, and more!
  • Supports multiple languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German, Italy, Spanish


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