Nokia N97 Mini gets previewed

Nokia N97 Mini

While Nokia has not officially announced the N97 Mini, mobile-review is able to grab the device and has a first look on it. You can consider the N97 Mini as a smaller N97. The sliding QWERTY keyboard is still here but the navigation pad next to the keyboard has been removed. As expected the N97 Mini has a smaller touchscreen and less internal storage of just 8GB (N97 gets 32GB). It comes with a 5 Megapixel camera.

mobile-review‘s comments:

Honestly speaking, I don’t feel particularly enthusiastic about Nokia N97 Mini – it’s not the most petite phone around, by any stretch of imagination. And at the same time it packs in a downgraded keyboard. If the price gap between the N97 and N97 mini was around 200 Euro, it would have become really sought-after. But at only 100 Euro it’s not all that interesting.

Nokia N97 Mini 1

Nokia N97 Mini 2

Nokia N97 Mini back


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