Bonitor MP201 and MP301 Mini Projectors

Bonitor MP201 mini projector

French company is launching two new mini projectors, the MP201 and the MP301. Both models are based on LCoS display technology and feature 640×480 4:3 resolution, 15 lumens brightness, 1.57/1.62 throw ratio and LED light.

The Bonitor MP201 is designed for use with game consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players, cellphones, PMP/MP3 players as it offers just Composite Video input. It has built-in 0.5Wx2 speakers and rechargeable li-ion battery. The projector measures 60x113x18mm and weighs 160 grams.

Bonitor MP301 mini projector

The Bonitor MP301, on the other hand, is made to be used with Windows desktop or laptop PCs. It has a USB connector for power source and a VGA input connector. As it comes with speakers and built-in battery, the MP301 is smaller and lighter at 62x90x20mm and 80 grams, as small as your cellphone.

Bonitor’s MP201 and MP301 are priced at $289 and $249 respectively.



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