PhotoFast G-Monster 533X Plus CompactFlash

PhotoFast G-Monster 533X Plus CompactFlash

PhotoFast launches the G-Monster 533X Plus CompactFlash (CF) memory card. Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities, the G-Monster 533X Plus offers up to 80MB/s read and 80MB/s write speeds.

Also announced us the G-Monster 533X line that comes with 8GB-64GB capacities and provides 80MB/s read speed and 40MB/s write speed. These high-speed CF card is compatible with CF Type I standard and supports UltraDMA mode 0-6.


PhotoFast G-Monster 533X Plus

  • 8GB – GM-533CF8SL
  • 16GB – GM-533CF16SL
  • 32GB – GM-533CF32SL

PhotoFast G-Monster 533X

  • 8GB – GM-533CF8ML
  • 16GB – GM-533CF16ML
  • 32GB – GM-533CF32ML
  • 64GB – GM-533CF64ML


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