Aco – Yoshihiko Satoh’s Wooden Speaker Bag

Aco - Yoshihiko Satoh's Bag-like Wooden Speaker

Japanese designer, Yoshihiko Satoh has created the Aco, a bag-like desktop speaker. According to Yoshihiko, the Aco is a collaboration with Malmiya furniture manufacturer in Shizuoka Japan and is a design of the furniture suitable for modern audio.

Aco - Yoshihiko Satoh's Bag-like Wooden Speaker 1

The Aco offers 30W output and has 3.5mm audio jack and DC power jack. You can connect your MP3, cellphone, PC or other devices to the Aco via 3.5mm plug. The Aco not only looks like a bag, it does provide space for your portable devices.

You can get the Aco for 31,500 Yen. It measures W.120xH.460xD.110 cm and weighs 1.42kg. Walnut and White-wood versions are available.



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