Sony MDR-370LP and MDR-570LP Headphones

Sony MDR-370LP headphones

Sony will launch in 10 October two new overhead headphones, the MDR-370LP and MDR-570LP. The former is an “open-air headphones that comes in sharp colors ideal for young girls while the latter is a full-size headphones in earth-tone colors and comes with aluminum housing.

Sony MDR-570LP Headphones

Both headphones have 30mm sound drivers. The Sony MDR-370LP features 14-22,000Hz frequency response and the Sony MDR-570LP provides 12-22,000Hz. They have a 1.2 meter cable and gold-plated 3.5mm plug.

Sony’s 3,675 Yen MDR-370LP and 4,935 Yen MDR-570LP weigh 52g and 110g respectively.

Sony MDR-370LP headphones colors

Sony MDR-570LP Headphones colors



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