3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscopes

3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscopes

3M launches the new line of Littmann electronic stethoscopes, including the Model 3100 and Model 3200. 3M’s new Littmann eletrconic stethoscopes features ambient reduction technology that reduces 85% background noise, Snap Tight Acoustic Seal Eartips that offer comfortable fit, outstanding sound sensro, Frictional Noise Reduction Technology and up to 24x sound amplification.

Both models have a LCD display and provide Easy-to-Operate Controls. The Model 3200 includes also record playback function so you can capture a sound for later playback . The model also support Bluetooth for transfer sounds to your PC in real time for further analysis. Zargis StethAssist Heart & Lung Visualization Software will be included with the purchase of a Littmann Model 3200.

3M Littmann electronic stethoscopes, both 3100 and 3200, are available in multiple colors. The Model 3100 costs $299 and the Model 3200 is priced at $378.



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