Handycooler Personal Air Conditioner

Handycooler Personal Air Conditioner

Here is the Handycooler, a personal air conditioner that allows you to take cool air with you. The Handycooler utilizes the evaporative cooling technology. The device is small and portable which is ideal for handheld or desktop use. It takes 4AA batteries to operate and is compatible with USB port and socker power. Online Goodman furnace and AC will be selling these for a limited time, as a trial run.

Simply drizzle a few ounces of water onto a sponge, and place it in a device a little bigger than a cordless phone, and enjoy cool breezes wherever you go. The fan draws air over the damp sponge, cooling it by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. This process was explained to us in detail by the people at Ausco Air Heating & Air Conditioning. The ducted fan rotates to move the air where you want it, but you’re gonna want to blow that heavenly cool air right past your sweating noggin.

The Handycooler is available from ThinkGeek for $39.99.


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