Mitsubishi Diamond Unisen HDTV with VUDU Streaming

Mitsubishi Diamond Unisen HDTV with VUDU Streaming

Mitisubishi ships its new Diamond models of Unisen Immersive Sound LCD HDTV that come integrated with VUDU 1080p HD streaming capability. Two models are available, the 46-inch LT-46249 and 52-inch LT-52249.

The Diamond Unisen HDTVs have built-in Ethernet port foe direct internet connection, which allows consumers to enjoy VUDU HD movie streaming. Mitsubishi’s VUDU-integrated HDTVs feature Full HD resolution, an UltraThin Frame design delivering a frame measuring less than one inch, fully integrated 18-speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system featuring Dual Driver Extended Range Sound, and Variable Smooth 240 Film Motion for viewing of fast and slow moving programs as well as the wide color gamut backlight technology.

The VUDU service will also offer internet services such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Pandora, as well as an “On Demand TV” area with more than 80 channels to choose from. Mitsubishi‘s Diamond Unisen LT-46249 and LT-52249 are priced at $2599 and $3099 respectively.



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