NuVision Lucidium FX5 Series Pink-framed LCD HDTV

NuVision Lucidium FX5 Series Pink-framed LCD

NuVision is going to show at the CEDIA 2009 its limited edition pink-framed 32-inch Lucidium FX5 Series LCD HDTV. The Lucidium FX5 series makes use of the Film Times Five (FX5) technology to eliminate the need for the 3:2 pull down algorithm found in 60Hz displays by recreating each frame five times, thus utilizing the 120Hz and high refresh rate of the panels and the Frame Forward Motion (FFM) technology to create clear, flicker-free fast sports and motion sequences by comparing two consecutive frames and generating additional interpolated frames.

NuVision will also present the all-new Lucidium FX5LS Series LCD HDTV with Edge-lit LED backlighting. The series will be available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 50-inch. The FX5LS is also equipped with the FX5 and FFM technology.

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