KDDI iida PLY Slider Phone

KDDI au iida PLY brown front back

KDDI has just added two new phones to its iida line, the PLY and the PRISMOID. The PLY, designed by Hideo Kambara, is a slider phone that is made to look like a file folder. PLY is a mobile phone born of the fresh idea of multiple layering, one layer stacked upon another. You can find “Tab-Key” on each layer.

KDDI au iida PLY tab keys
The iida PLY features a 3-inch color display, a 3 Megapixel camera with auto focus, face detection, a microSD/SDHC card slot and USB connection. The PLY measures 102x53x14.5mm and weighs 127g.

Of the five layers that compose the body of this mobile phone, each layer is a different color, which, combined with an exquisite balance, achieves a single distinctive hue. The secret to this effect is contained in the plywood, which is composed of thin layers of wood glued together, and in the combination of the strength of the wood and the lateral beauty of the layering.

KDDI au iida PLY  colors

KDDI au iida PLY pink

KDDI au iida PLY  black

KDDI au iida PLY brown slide



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