KDDI iida PRISMOID Flip Phone

KDDI iida PRISMOID green

Along with the PLY, KDDI iida brings also the PRISMOID, a clamshell phone that comes in green, black and white. The PRISMOID is designed by Naoto Fukasawa, who has created the neon, INFOBAR and INFOBAR 2.

It may look like an ordinary flip phone but you can find a sub display on the side of the phone that will show you time and date. The PRISMOID has a 2.7-inch IPS LCD display and 1.97 Megapixel camera, and a microSD/SDHC card slot. It measures 49x101x16.8mm and weighs 102g.

What PRISMOID promises is to embody just such a sensation. It is a silhouette that causes you to feel the easy-to-grasp, the new, and nostalgia, all at the same time, through chamfers poised around the periphery of the design. There is a unique beauty produced by the combination of horizontal planes and diagonal planes. The value C4.8, which indicates the dimensions of the diagonal surface that determines such a configuration, boldly merges with the horizontal plane portion, making the charm of PRISMOID even more distinct, transcending the merely simple.

KDDI iida PRISMOID green keypad back

KDDI iida PRISMOID white

KDDI iida PRISMOID white keypad back

KDDI iida PRISMOID dark brown

KDDI iida PRISMOID dark brown keypad back



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