Datacolor Spyder3Express Monitor Calibrator

Datacolor Spyder3Express Monitor Calibrator

Datacolor offers the new Spyder3Express, a device that adjusts the color on your monitor so your photos appear more accurately. The Spyder3Express is easy to use and helps you calibrate your display – just like professionals.

Datacolor Spyder3Express Monitor Calibrator in use

Designed for photo enthusiasts, photographers and DSLR users, the Spyder3Express is a simple monitor color correction tool that automatically adjusts the color of your monitor so what you’re seeing is more true. The device is priced at $89.

There are also $169 Spyder3Pro for serious photographers and creative pros who require a high degree of color accuracy; and the $249 Spyder3Elite for Professional Photographers, Photography Studios. Datacolor offers also the Spyder3Studio SR monitor and printer suite.



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