KeyScan KS810-Plus Imaging Keyboard

KeyScan KS810-Plus Imaging Keyboard

KeyScan announced the KS810-Plus (KS810-P) imaging keyboard that combines a computer keyboard with a scanner. The KS810-Plus is an enhanced version of the original KS810, adding the capability to scan 2″x3″ smooth surface plastic cards up to 1mm thickness such as driver licenses, health insurance and ID cards.

The KS810-Plus features a 50dpi to 4800dpi output resolution and a 600dpi optical resolution. It scans letter size 300dpi gray document in five seconds and color documents or photos in 15 second. The KS810-Plus comes with the “NoTouch-AutoScan” software that allows the user to complete their most frequent scanning task without touching any button, simply place the document on the feeding tray. Scanned documents can be saved as DPF, MS-Word, HTML, JPG, TIFF, or BMP formats.

The KeyScan KS810-Plus is priced at $139.99.



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