Toshiba MK1634GAL 1.8-inch 160GB Hard Drive

Toshiba MK1634GAL 1.8-inch 160GB Hard Drive

After the 2.5-inch 640GB hard drive, Toshiba introduces a new line of 1.8-inch hard drive (MKxx34GAL) with up to 160GB capacity in a single-platter, five-mm-high design, which is the “world’s highest-capacity, single platter 1.8-inch hard drive.

Toshiba’s MKxx34GAL 1.8-inch line offers best power consumption efficiency and quietest operation of any HDD on the market making it ideal for next-gen portable media player, video camcorder and other mobile devices. Available in capacities ranging from 60GB to 160GB, the MKxx34GAL uses PATA interface and has 8MB cache and a 4200RPM spin speed. The MKxx34GAL provides superior ruggedness and durability compared to larger form factor HDDs, tolerating up to 1,500 G of non-operational shock and 600G of operational shock.

Mass production of the MKxx34GAL line will begin in late-September. Models:

  • MK6034GAL – 60GB
  • MKx8034GAL – 80GB
  • MK1234GAL – 120GB
  • MK1634GAL – 160GB


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