Vuzix Wrap 310 Widescreen Video Eyewear

Vuzix Wrap 310 Widescreen Video Eyewear

Vuzix launches the Wrap 310 widescreen video eyewear that offers 16:9 widescreen format image. The Wrap 310 is a sunglass-style widescreen eyewear with a stylish design.

Vuzix Wrap 310 features dual 428×240 LCD display for delivering a 55-inch 55-inch screen viewed from ten feet (3m). It offers 24bit true color,  60Hz progressive scan update rate and # 26 degree diagonal field of view. The brightness, contrast and color saturation can be adjusted. It works with both 2D and 3D movies and videos.

The Wrap 310 has a detachable noise-isolating earphones and comes with 3 sizes of noise isolation inserts. The video eyewear is compatible with most media devices such as DVD player, mobile hone with video output, TV, Blu-ray player, PMP and iPhone/iPod.

Its composite video input and accept both NTSC and PAL video sources. There are also 20-pin Wrap Multi-Connect port on the cable enables the connection of optional adapters for a broad assortment of devices with video-out and the Wrap Mini-Port connector on the right temple allows optional expansion devices to add functionality to your Wrap eyewear.



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