Korg WAVEDRUM Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer

Korg WAVEDRUM Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer

Other than the microSAMPLER, Korg offers the WAVEDRUM Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer. The device features a hybrid sound generation system combining DSP based synthesis algorithms and PCM playback engine.

Korg WAVEDRUM Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer back

Korg’s new compact drum-pad comes with 36 software based algorithms that use DSP technology to realize a variety of synthesis methods such as analog, additive, non-linear, physical modeling, etc. It uses Single Size Algorithms that allow you to freely assign a different algorithm and PCM instrument to the head and the rim giving you a broad array of sounds and Double Size Algorithms for you to control the PCM sound source (the PCM instrument) not only by velocity (striking force) but also by the tone of your strike on the head.

The WAVEDRUM contains 100 preset programs ranging from ordinary emulative drum and percussion sounds to a world of and new and unique sounds depending upon the way you play. THe device offers an AUX input for connecting external audio sources. It will be available in December 2009.



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