Addonics 5-port HPM XA

Addonics 5-port HPM XA system version

Addonic introduces the 5-port HPM XA hardware port multiplier that lets you connect up to five SATA drives to any SATA port. The HPM XA can be used to connect up to five SATA devices including DVD burner and Blu-ray drive.

Addonics 5-port HPM XA enclosure version

The 5-port HPM XA features integrated hardware RAID controller and supports hot-swap. There are drive activity and error LED for host and five SATA devices. The HPM XA is available in system and enclosure versions. The former enables multiple hard drives inside a system to be connected together to form a RAID volume or to be used as individual drives while the latter fits multi-bay hard drive enclosure products. The five hard drives inside the drive enclosure, once configured, can be attached to any computer via high speed eSATA connection or USB 2.0.

Addonics 5-port HPM XA, both system and enclosure versions, are priced at $99.



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