Asus HP-100U Dolby Headphone set

Asus HP-100U Dolby Headphone set

Asus announced the HP-100U Dolby headphoen set, a mobile Dolby solution for PC and Mac. Asus’ new set includes a pair of  lab-tuned headphones, a Xonar U1 external audio device and an array microphone.

Asus HP-100U Dolby Headphone set components

The Asus HP-100U set comes with the Xonar U1, which supports four major Dolby technologies and DirectSound, EAX 2.0 and Open AL acceleration. The pair of headphones comesw ith 40mm speakers offers 125Hz-20kHz dynamic range. The included advanced array microphone features noise cancelling, ideal for VoIP applications such as Skype, MSN Messenger and QQ as well as gaming.



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