Asus RS300-E6 Series 1U Rackmount Servers

Asus RS300-E6 Series 1U Rackmount Servers

Asus announced the RS300-E6 Series 1U form factor rackmount servers that come with Intel 3420 PCH chipset and Intel Xeon 3400 Series processors. Asus’ server is available in dual or quad core processor configurations.

The RS300-E6 Series is equipped with the LGA 1156 socket to support 45nm Quad Core CPUs and dual-channel DDR3-1333 memory. It can get up to 32GB/RDIMM or 16GB/UDIMM memory. The RS300-E6/PS4 model offers rooms for four SATA II/SAS drives and one slim-type DVD-RW while the RS300-E6/PS2 can be equipped with two SATA II drives and a 5.25-inch DVD writer. The former supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 while the latter can handle RAID 0 and 1.

As for PCI expansion, the RS300-E6/PS2 has two PCI-E x8 slots and the RS300-E6/PS4 adds a PIKE slot. They both have two Gigabit LAN ports and 350W Single Power Supply.



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