EB’s New MID Reference Design gets improved UI

EB's New MID Reference Design gets improved UI

EB, Elektrobit Corporation, unviles its new MID (Mobile Internet Device) reference design at the Intel Develper Forum 2009 (IDF 2009). EB’s new MID reference design is developed with colloboration with Intel and Ericsson, transforming the device with stylish, multimedia improvements.

The new design includes an improved UI and adds haptic feedback:

  • An improved user interface (UI) and application framework – This enables users to multi-task and personalize the device through cutting-edge desktop features. The result takes self-expression to a heightened level of sophistication, providing an intuitive way for end-users to interact with phones and network services that operate as powerfully as the sense of touch itself.
  • Leveraging latest UI technologies, such as 3D, plasma desktop and haptics – EB has designed an experience that offers vivid, sophisticated appearances. Leveraging haptics makes it possible for end-users to touch and manipulate objects effortlessly, which is vital to exceeding user expectations of what a device should deliver.


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