Ripxx Personal Measurement Device

Ripxx Personal Measurement Device

Ripxx introduces the Personal Measurement Device or PMD, designed to record your movements while skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, driving, running or any other activity that has you moving.

Recorded data can be transfer to your PC via USB and the included software package is able to translated the data into a variety of charts, graphs and 3D models. The PMD is constructed with a weather- and shock-resistant case and comes with large buttons and an OLED display.

Ripxx can measure:

  • Elapsed time of run
  • Time of day run was made
  • Run distance
  • Top speed as well as average speed.
  • Top acceleration and average acceleration
  • Distance, height and air time on jumps
  • Roll rate (how quickly you execute spins)
  • Roll count (how many times you execute a roll)
  • Vertical drop from any two points
  • Steepest part of run
  • Number of runs on the same track
  • Number of tracks at the same location


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