Bayer Coutour USB blood glucose meter

Bayer Coutour USB blood glucose meter
Bayer Diabetes Care announced the COUTOUR USB blood glucose meter, which is the first and only blood glucose monitor that plugs into a computer directly. The Coutour USB meter is bsed on Bayer’s COUTOUR system offering the same accuracy.

The device comes with a bright color display screen that shows average, high and low readings with optional intuitive pre- and post-meal marking. It has 500MB storage capacity for storage diabetes information and up to 2,000 test results. The CONTOUR USB meter uses CONTOUR blood glucose test strips currently available for other CONTOUR meters.

Bayer’s Coutour USB meter works with PC and Mac and is to be integrated with the Glucofacts DELUXE software for long-term tracking and analysis of blood glucose test results. The built-in rechargeable battery can be charged from any USB port or via the included COUTOUR USB wall charger.



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