Mitsubishi NR-HZ001VDT and NR-HZ001S In-car Entertainment/Naivgation Systems

Mitsubishi NR-HZ001VDT and NR-HZ001S In-car Entertainment Naivgation Systems

Mitsubishi will launch in Japan the NR-HZ001VDT and NR-HZ001S in-car entertainment/navigation system. They are equipped with a 40GB hard drive and a DVD player. The former gets 1Seg and 12Seg digital TV tuner while the NR-HZ001S boasts just 1Seg.

Mitsubishi’s 2-DIN NR-HZ001VDT and NR-HZ001S have a 7-inch QVGA touchscreen display. They support playback of DVD Video, DVD-RW, Audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA/AAC. There are also FM/AM tuner. These system do also CD to hard drive recording. Bluetooth is also available for hands-free calling.

NR-HZ001VDT and NR-HZ001S will be released on 28 October for about 240,000 and 200,000 Yen respectively.



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