Mamiya DM56, DM33 and DM28, DM22 DSLRs

Mamiya DM56, DM33 and DM28, DM22 DSLRs

Mamiya announced the two new lines of DSLR cameras, including the DM56, DM33 and DM28, DM22, that “deliver an unprecedented range of options to photographers, resulting in the most versatile medium format DSLR series available.”

Mamiya’s more advanced 56 Megapixel DM56 and 33 Megapixel DM33 features flash-sync speeds up to 1/1600 per second via three new Mamiya leaf-shutter digital lenses, 30% faster autofocus. There are also more budget-priced 28 Megapixel DM28 and 22 Megapixel DM22 that provides 16-bit/ channel image quality.

Both lines are compatible with Mamiya’s 645AF series lenses. They will come with Phase One‘s Leaf Capture, and Capture One (DM22/DM28 get just one of them) for RAW file processing.



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