Acronym GT-J14 GORE-TEX Jacket Magnetic Earbuds holder

Acronym GT-J14 GORE-TEX Jacket Magnetic Headphone holder

German firm, Acronym introduces the new GT-J14, a GQS-2 rated GORE-TEX Performance Shell tactical jacket in flat black 3-layer (XCR) fabric. The jacket comes with 9mm black anodized metal center front Escape Zip, Dual Gravity Pockets, 360 lock cuffs and laminated storm flaps.

The reason you are seeing this jacket in this gadget site is that the neck piece of the jacket has a removable magnetic strip, called Sound ForceLock, that magically holds a set of earbuds within ears reach.

The Acronym GT-J14 GORE-TEX jacket costs Euro 735.



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