Toshiba CELL Regza 55X1 with Cell Broadband Engine

Toshiba CELL Regza 55X1 with Cell Broadband Engine

Toshiba adds to its REGZA LCD TV lineup the flagship CELL REGZA 55X1 LCD HDTV. Toshiba’s new HDTV is equipped with the CELL Broadband Engine, the same processor that boosts Sony’s PS3, offering an arithmetic processing capability approximately 143 times that of the current top-of-the-line REGZA TV.

Toshiba’s 55-inch CELL REGZA features a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Mega LED panel and LED-backlight system offering up to 1250cd/m2 luminance, and ClearScan 240 scan rate. The TV comes with a stylish tuner/DVR box with 3TB storage capacity. Two terabytes of capacity are dedicated to the CELL REGZA’s “time-shift machine”, which can simultaneously record up to about 26 hours of programming for up to eight channels of digital terrestrial broadcasts.

Toshiba CELL Regza 55X1 supports YouTube streaming thanks to the Ethernet LAN port and the HD-capable Opera-based browser. It can also handle DLNA streaming. Under the display, you can find a 7-speaker sound bar.

Toshiba CELL Regza 55X1 will be released in Japan in December on 10 December for about 1 Million Yen.



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