Roundshot Livecam D2 HD panorama camera

Roundshot Livecam D2 HD panorama camera

Roundshot introduces the Livecam D2 panorama camera system. The Livecam D2 features up to 66 Megapixel resolution, which is two times of 1080p Full HD resolution. The system is able to capture the full 360-degree panorama in a matter of a few seconds. It provides 9 f-stops dynamic range for professional image quality and vivid colors, ISO up to 800 and up to 10 seconds of exposure time.

The Roundshot Livecam D2 system includes a panorama camera, a Nikon 24-70mm zoom lens, a waterproof case for the camera and the software package for you to  host your Livecam webpage. The Livecam D2 supports Ethernet LAN and Wireless LAN connections. It costs Euro 6490.



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