Mamiya DM22 and DM28 DSLRs get priced

Mamiya DM22 and DM28 DSLRs

Mamiya will releases its DM22 and DM28 digital DSLR cameras in November with a price tag of $9,995 and $14,990 respectively. The DM22 features a 48x36mm 22 Megapixel image sensor and an ISO range of 25-400 while the DM28 gets a 44x33mm 28 Megapixel sensor and offers an ISO range of 50-800.

Both cameras come with the sharp Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 D Series lens, focal plane shutter, and are fully compatible with any Mamiya AF focal plane series lens. The captured RAW file is the Mosaic format, HDR-type, with 16 bits/channel and a dynamic range of 12 f/stops. These cameras have a CF card slot.



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