Dane-Elec So SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hard Drives

Dane-Elec So SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hard Drives
Dane-Elec intoduces its So SuperSpeed USB 3.0 portable hard drives. Three lines are available, the 2.5-inch SoMobile SuperSpeed, the 3.5-inch SoReady SuperSpeed and the SoExtreme SuperSpeed SSD.

First of the the SoMobile SuperSpeed is a portable USB 3.0 2.5-inch hard drive available in Brushed White and Brushed Black in 500GB or 640GB capacities respectively. They have compact, lightweight textured case and are priced at $179.99 and $199.99.

The SoReady SuperSpeed, on the other hand, is based on 3.5-inch hard drive and available in capacities up to 2TB. It gets a sleek, stylish textured brushed black case. The price ranges from $149.99 to $239.99 (1TB).

Lastly, the SoExtreme SuperSpeed is portable USB 3.0 SSD storage device based on Intel’s X25-M SSD. It is available in 80GB and 160GB capacities that are priced at $399 and $799 respectively.

All these drives utilize the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and are backward compatible with USB 2.0. They are also compatible with Windows 7.



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