Pulse W4000 series – Thinnest Active GPS Antennas

Pulse W4000 series - Thinnest Active GPS Antennas

Pulse announced the new W4000 series GPS active antennas that “offer high performance and versatility in installation”. These antennas can be positioned on the dashboard or window without concerns about orientation.

These slim antennas are only 5.45mm high and 50x30mm at the widest points of the oval. Pulse W4000 series antennas operate at 1575.42 megahertz and 3 to 5 volts, with a maximum gain of 1.5 decibels (dB) isotropic and 28 dB with an LNA having 1 dB noise figure. They come standard with 5 meters of RG-174 cable. Four models are available:

  • W4000D197 MMCX male straight connector
  • W4000G197 SMA male straight connector
  • W4000J197 MCX male straight connector
  • W4000L197 FME male straight connector

Prices are around $4.29 in quantities greater than 100,000 antennas.



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