Audio-Technica ATR1205 Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR1205 Microphone with mic wrap

Audio-Technica announced the new ATR1205 microphone and four microphone wraps that let users customize the look of the mic. Known as “Tribal,” “Boom,” “Jackson,” and “Cutie,” each of the wraps fit around the microphone to transform the mic’s look with a personal bold visual statement.

Audio-Technica’s ATR1205 is a Dynamic Vocal/Instrument Microphone. It includes a cardioid (heart-shaped) response pattern for focused pickup that helps prevent feedback and rejecting background noise. It comes with a 5 meter cable with 3.5mm mini-plug and is bundled with a 1/4-inch plug adapter, desk stand and mic stand clamp.

Audio-Technica ATR1205 will b available soon for $24.95.



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