Pioneer ACCO A-IW001 iPod Audio System

Pioneer ACCO A-IW001 Audio System with iPod dock

Pioneer introduces in Japan the ACCO A-IW001 home audio system. The ACCO offers 2-channel 10Wx2 output and includes a iPod docking charging and music playback. The device has a Ethernet LAN port and a SD card slot.

Three sets of speakers are made to be used with the ACCO A-IW001 system. The S-ICH125 with 125mm sound driver, the S-ICH200 with 200mm driver and the S-ICH200D that is capable of stereo output and is waterproof. These speakers are designed to be mounted on the ceiling.

The Pioneer ACCO A-IW001 is priced at 102,900 Yen while the S-ICH125, S-ICH200 and S-ICH200D cost 31500, 33600 and 42000 Yen respectively. They will be released in December.



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