Samsung 0.6mm-thick 8-chip NAND Memory Package

Samsung 0.6mm-thick 8-chip NAND Memory Package
Samsung announced that it has developed the world’s thinnest multi-die package, one that measures a mere 0.6mm in height. The new memory package delivers a 40 percent thinner and lighter memory solution for high-density multimedia handsets and mobile devices. Samsung’s 0.6mm packge is designed initially for 32 gigabyte (GB) densities.

The newly developed ultra-thinning technology overcomes the conventional technology limits of a chip’s resistance to external pressure when under 30um in height. The productivity decline resulting from this thickness limitation had been directly attributable to a drop in production yields during mass production.

The 15um-thickness represents a significant achievement as it can allow for double the density of previous multi-chip packages. The thinner die also dramatically reduces chip weight.



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