Moxi 3-Tuner HD DVR

Moxi 3–Tuner HD DVR

Moxi introduces its new 3-Tuner HD DVR, which will be available with the Maxi Mate as Moxi Two-Room Bundle or Moxi Three-Room Bundle. The tuner has an internal 500GB hard drive. The 3-Tuner HD DVR allows you to record two shows at once while watching a third or record three shows while playing back a fourth.

The Two-room bundle includes one Moxi Mate streamers while the Three-room bundle comes with two. These bundles allows you to enjoy Moxi in two or three rooms of the house, instead of getting a full-priced DVR for each room or TV.

Both new 3-Tuner DVR and the Moxi Mate are equipped with a 1000 DMIPS dual–threaded MIPS32–bit core with FPU and MMU class processor and 3D graphics engine with OpenGL ES 1.0 support. It has 512MB RAM and 32MB flash memory.

Moxi’s 3–Tuner HD DVR Two-room bundle is priced at $799 while the three-room bundle costs $999.



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