Sparkz iPhone/iPod Dock Projector

Sparkz iPhone Pod Dock Projector

Sparkz Products introduces the “world first” iPhone/iPod dock portable projector. The Sparkz is able to play your iPod and iPhone directly and it can charge the device when you are watching. The projector features up to 1024×768 resolution, 15 lumens brightness and a 3M LCoS lens.

The dock projector comes with built-in stereo speaker and a removable base for tripod. Other than iPod/iPhone projection, the device has AV input and VGA input for connecting other video sources. It’s integrated 3500mAh battery wllows 2.5 hours of use per charge. The Sparkz iPod/iPhone dock projector works with all iPhone, iPod touch and iPod videos. It is priced at $495.



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