Aptina MT9F001 14 Megapixel 1.4-micron Camera Image Sensor

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Aptina MT9F001 14 Megapixel 1.4-micro Camera Image Sensor
Aptina announced the launches of its MT9F001 14 Megapixel camera image sensor. The sensor is capable of capturing Full HD 1080p/60fps video and supports Electronic Image Stabilization. It incorporates Aptina’s most advanced 1.4-micron pixel using Aptina TM A-Pix technology.

The Aptina MT9F001 includes also a four-lane HiSPiTM (High Speed Serial Pixel Interface) serial data interface to achieve the combination of still image quality and video performance that set it apart from CCD technology. The MT9F001 will be in mass production in Q1 2010.



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