Lite-On eHAU324 24x External DVD Burner

Lite-On eHAU324 24x External DVD Burner

Lite-On introduces the new eHAU324 24X external DVD writer, bringing fastest possible DVD writing speeds now also on an external DVD writer. As a “Super AllWrite” DVD burner, besides writing DVD+/-R at 24X, the eHAU324 offers burns DVD+RW at 8X, DVD-RW at 6X, DVD+/-R Dual Layer at 12X, DVD-RAM at 12X and CD-R/RW at up to 48X.

The Lite-On eHAU324 uses USB 2.0 interface for higher transfer rate. It includes the SmartWrite technology to optimize the writing strategy for each particular session and automatically memorize this for future sessions; and the SmartErase technology to erase your disc more effectively. It will be available in Europe for Euro 65.



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