Primera BravoPro Xi-Series Disc Publishers

Primera BravoPro Xi2 Disc Publisher

Primera introduces the new BravoPro Xi-Series Disc Publishers (aka DP-PRO Xi-Series in Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East). These publishers includes the seventh-generation disc picking mechanism and can be equipped with optional Blu-ray Disc recordable drives. Unlike ordinary DVD writer we use in PC, these Disc Publishers burn discs much faster and print the discs as well.

Three models are announced. The BravoPro Xi AutoPrinter provides 100-disc capacity for print-only applications and is able to print up to 172 discs per hour. This “Printer” costs $1995.

The $2995 BravoPro Xi Disc Publisher gets a high-speed CD/DVD drive while the $3295 BravoPro Xi2 Disc Publisher has two CD/DVD drives. Both of them have 100-disc capacity. The former can burn and print up to 32 discs per hour and the latter does 60 discs per hour.



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