Sanyo eneloop Contactless Charger Set for Wii Remote

Sanyo eneloop Contactless Charger Set for Wii Remote

Besides the eneloop stick booster, Sanyo brings another new eneloop product, the eneloop contactless charge set for Wii Remote (model N-WR03S). The contactless charger is able to perform contactless charging of the Wii Remote, even with the Wii MotionPlus still attached to the bottom of the remote and covered by the jacket.  Custom charger attachments are included allow Wii Remotes can also be charged when the MotionPlus is not attached.

Sanyo eneloop Contactless Charger wii remote battery pack

Of course, in order to charger contactless-ly, you have to install the included custom rechargeable Nickel-metal Hydride battery pack to Wii Remotes. The charger set can charge one or two Wii Remotes, by accessing power through the USB port on the Wii console.

Sanyo’s N-WR03S is made under license from Nintendo, is equipped with a ‘charge failure detection function’. It is now available in Japan.



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