Dell Mini 3i Android Phone Now Official and Unboxed

Dell Mini 3 Android Phone

Dell officially announced its Mini 3i (aka Mini3) smartphone running China Mobile’s Android-based Open Mobile System (aka OPhone), which according to PC maker, is “the world’s smallest Dell”. The Mini3i will be released in China through China Mobile and in Brazil through Claro. It is also heading to other regions and countries via other leading global telecom providers.

Dell’s Mini 3i features a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen and comes with a special stylus, a 3 Megapixel camera. China’s version of Mini 3i will not include 3G and WiFi support while the Brazilian Mini 3iX will probably do.

The Dell Mini 3 has been unboxed by Chinese site PCOnline. Instead of offering a 3.5mm jack, Dell’s first Android device provides just miniUSB port and includes a miniUSB-to-3.5mm jack adapter.

Dell Mini 3 Android Phone 1

Dell Mini 3 Android Phone unbox

The box reads "World's Smallest Dell"

Dell Mini 3 Android Phone box

Dell Mini 3 Android Phone on hand

Dell Mini 3 Android Phone back



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