Tofu-shaped Breathing Chair

Tofu-shaped Breathing Chair

Taiwanese designer Yu-Ying Wu has created this Tofu-shaped breathing chair, which as Wu said is originally designed to provide a more comfortable sitting for elderly people. The chair is square cube when it is not occupied and it will compress into an armchair when a person sits on it and spring back into a cube when the person stands up.

The chair has won home furniture design concept award in the international “red dot design award” design competition. According to news report in Taiwan, a France company is planning to commercialize the product.

The “breathing chair” looks like a piece of white, square tofu. Wu said that the chair is made of high-density foam plastic that is 100 percent environmentally-friendly. There is a “trick” behind the design of various sizes of holes in the chair – based on professional calculation of the spatial structure, the tofu-shaped chair, coated with three layers of foamed plastic, can “automatically adjust” according to the weight and posture of the person sitting on it.



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