Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server

Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server

Olive Media introduces Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server, an update to the Opus No.4, which is designed to brings High Definition quality sound to users. The device delivers recording engineers’ golden standard of 24-bit sound and 192 kHz sample rate, listeners music at more than 250 times the resolution of CDs.

Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server black

The 4HD has a built-in 2TB hard drive that can store up to 6,000 CDs or 20,000 high resolution 24-bit tracks. It has a built-in CD drive for converting your CD collection to digital music library. The breathtaking music reproduction is handled through Olive’s proprietary high-resolution Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC), featuring Texas Instrument’s best-of-breed 192khz/24-bit Burr-Brown PCM1792A.

Olive 4HD Music Server supports Ethernet LAN and WiFi 802.11n, which allows it to be integrated to your home network for music streaming. Users may also add the company’s Olive 2 Hi-Fi Player to access their music anywhere within their home. It has HDMI output as well.

The Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server is available for $1999. It comes in Black and Silver.



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