V7 A320 and A321 Series PC Speakers

V7 A320 and A321 Series PC Speakers

V7, a house brand for Ingram Micro, introduces the new A320 and A321 series budget PC speakers. The A320 series inlcudes three 2.0-channel speakers while the A321 has two 2.1-channel systems. V7’s speaker systems start at just $14.99. See more details after the break:

2.0 Standard Speaker USB System – A320s

The V7 2.0 Standard Speaker USB System features easy connectivity and sound clarity. Powered through the USB connection of a PC, Macintosh or netbook, no batteries or AC cord are required. The system features an attractive, compact black wood casing with glossy front and silver accents and audio controls conveniently located on top of a tower. The speakers offer 1.6w RMS (Root Mean Square), the measurement for average audio output, and 3.2w PMPO, the measurement for Peak Music Power Output. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP): $14.99 (Model # A320S-N6)

2.0 Value Speaker System – A320V

Bringing together quality and affordability, the V7 2.0 Value Speaker System offers crisp, clear audio and the same sleek design and convenient audio controls as the V7 2.0 Standard Speaker USB System. The speaker system features 2.5 watts of RMS and 5 watts of PMPO. MSRP: $16.99 (Model # A320V-N6)

2.0 Performance Speaker System – A320P

Featuring the same design and audio controls as the previous speakers, the V7 2.0 Performance Speaker System takes it up a notch or two with six watts of RMS and 12 watts of PMPO for solid audio power to enjoy PC entertainment. MSRP: $29.95 (Model # A320P-N6)

2.1 Multimedia Value Speaker System – A321V

The V7 2.1 Multimedia Value Speaker System offers top-quality audio performance at a bargain price. The system includes two speakers with 17 watts of RMS and 34 watts of PMPO audio output and a nine-watt subwoofer for bringing out the bass throughout a room. The system comes with a remote for easy volume control. MSRP: $31.99 (Model # A321V-N6)

2.1 Multimedia Performance Speaker System – A321P

Offering powerful, clear audio in a sleek, cube-shaped form factor, the V7 2.1 Multimedia Performance Speaker System includes two speakers with 30 watts of RMS output, 60 watts of PMPO and a 12-watt subwoofer. With front control buttons for easy sound control, the system is loud enough for a small gathering while also offering subtle tones. MSRP: $45.99 (Model # A321P-N6)



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