Sanwa 400-PRJ002 / Fuchiview PPP01 AA Battery-powered Mini Projector

Sanwa 400-PRJ002 Mini Projector

Sanwa launches in Japan the new 400-PRJ002 mini projector, which is based on 3M’s LCoS Color Sequential Engine. The projector features  640×480 resolution, 200:1 contrast ratio, LED-backlight, 12 ANSI lumens.

The Sanwa 400-PRJ002 has 1GB iternal memory and supports SD/SDHC memory cards for direct media playback. It supports AVI, MOV, DivX, XivD, 3GP, MP4 and JPEG, BMP media files. It also provides A/V input jack for connecting other video sources. Sanwa’s new pico projector uses four AA batteries and comes with a tripod stand and a remote control.

Sanwa 400-PRJ002 is available in Japan for 34,800 Yen.

Update: The projector is also known as the Fuchiview PPP01.



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