RED Scarlet 2/3 Camera

RED Scarlet 2/3 Camera

Details of the RED Scarlet 2/3 are finally revealed. The new RED camera is capable of 3K REDCODE RAW recording at 120fps and 720p/1080p recording at 60fps. It has two independent microphone level channels.

Other than Stills and Motion modes, the Scarlet 2/3 offers also HDR Stills mode. It features 3-axis internal motion sensor, GPS and WiFi remote control as well. The camera has interchangeable lens mounts

Two bundles will be available, the $4750 Scarlet 2/3 8X Fixed that includes Brain/Lens, Side CF module, REDMote, 2.8-inch touchcreen LCD, REDVOLT battery and travel charger; and the $2750 Scarlet 2/3 Interchangeable bundle that include the Brain and adapters for electronic RED, Canon, and Nikon lenses.



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