Pass Labs X260.5 Mono-block Power Amplifier

Pass Labs X260.5 Mono Power Amplifier

Pass Laboratories is going to announced at the CES 2010 its X260.5 mono-block power amplifier. The X260.5 offers a max of 260W power output and features the Super-Symmetry topology that improves performance by precisely matching characteristics of the two halves of a balanced amplifier and lowers distortion and noise by an additional order of magnitude.

Pass Labs’ X260.5 sports also improved power transformers and AC EMI filters, paralleled high-speed/soft recovery rectifiers, more paralleled power supply capacitors and supply RC filtering, refinements to the front-end input circuits, and the addition of single-ended Class A bias circuits. The amplifier offers one RCA input and one XLR input connectors It is priced at $11,000 per pair.



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