ZyXEL ZLR-2070S – World’s First Fixed LTE CPE/SOHO Router

ZyXEL ZLR-2070S – World’s First Fixed LTE CPE SOHO Router

ZyXEL announced the ZLR-2070S, the world’s first fixed LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G CPE/SOHO router, which will be demonstrated at CES 2010. The ZLR-2070S ideal for residence and SOHOs. It features broadband Internet connectivity, two VoIP ports, home networking via a four-port, 11n wireless switch, and a USB port for device sharing.

ZyXEL ZLR-2070S offers data rates with up to 50Mbps throughput, which is faster than 3G technologies like HSPA / EV-DO. The 4G router is compliant with DLNA.



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