Samsung’s CF Plus, SDHC Plus and microSD Plus are rugged

Samsung Premium Plus SD, microSD and CF Memory Cards

Remember’s Samsung Premium Plus series memory cards? In fact, all these memory cards are rugged. The CF Plus is safe from external impact and internal damage that it can bear the average weight of an adult while the SDHC Plus and microSD Plus are water-proof and shock-proof.

Both CF Plus and microSD Plus come in 4GB and 8GB capacities and the SDHC Plus adds the 16GB model.


CompactFlash Plus

  • 4GB – MB-CP4G
  • 8GB – MB-CP8G


  • 4GB – MB-SP4G
  • 8GB – MB-SP8G
  • 16GB – MB-SPAG


  • 4GB- MB-MP4G
  • 8GB- MB-MP8G



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