CaseCruzer Mac Pro Shock-proof Rack Case

CaseCruzer Mac Pro Shock-proof Rack Case

For media artists and editors and creative professionals who have to travel with their Mac Pro machines, CaseCruzer’s new Mac Pro Shock-proof rack case will be their good friend. This new Mac Pro Rack Case is a a rotationally molded carrying case engineered with an elastomeric isolated inner rack frame to protect your Mac Pro from vibration and shock.

It features an ATA 300 rating and continuous shock-absorbing protection and is equipped with TSA trigger latches and low profile injection-molded pull handles for easy man-handling. There are also wheels. The water-resistant Mac Pro rack case has been designed to be fully operational as soon as the front and rear lids are removed.

Other features include a sliding retractable handle, ambient pressure relief valve, oversized snap-down handles on each side, roller blade wheels for swift and safe mobility, and gasket-protected front and rear doors. The CaseCruzer Mac Pro Rack Case is priced at $660.



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